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Let me tell you a little bit about the company and how it got started. It was started in the garage of a very talented man home. One night his wife bought a little hideous looking tree for Halloween. When she brought it home he had wondered why in the world she would pay money for that tree and why she paid so much. He explained to her that he could make one a hundred times better. She told him that she did not believe him. Well, that did it! That night when his wife went to bed the talented man went to his garage and proceeded to make what would be the most creative work of art she had ever seen. His wife loved to draw a tree on pieces of paper so he took one of her drawings and went out to the garage and started on his project out of an old ball of wire that he had. Once he had finished, he woke his wife up to show her. She could not believe that he had made it. She swore that he must have went out and bought it while she was sleeping.  His wife thought to herself that there was something missing. She decided to see if she could decorate the tree up some what. She had found some old silk flowers, beads and hearts. Once she added all of that to the tree it was truly a beautiful site. She thought to herself that her daughter was getting married and was looking very hard for some kind of really unique center piece for the reception tables. She had thought why in the world could her daughter not use the decorative tree that they had just made. The wife showed it to her daughter who fall in love with it. Then she thought that if her daughter loved it so much maybe there would be other brides that would like the have a unique center piece as well. So she and her husband decided to offer it to others. This is how your wedding tree first came about! 

The centerpiece was just the beginning to a family business planning and decorating for all sorts of events such as weddings, meetings, company parties, family reunions,anniversaries, all occasion parties and also several different arts festivals. We pride ourselves in making all occasions specials for all that attend.

Our wedding tree centerpieces have evolved into all occasion centerpieces for elegant events to festive gatherings. The wedding tree evolved from love and we would love to share that  love with all of you by making your event a memorable one for years to come..

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